Ways to Take Your Yoga Practice Outdoors

When most people think of yoga, they picture yogis practicing together in a studio on their yoga mats. Of course, the truth is that you can practice anywhere at any time. By taking your yoga sessions outdoors, you can reconnect with nature (and yourself) while rejuvenating your love of health, fitness, spirituality, and self-care.

Are you interested in taking your yoga practice to the next level? Or are you curious to try outdoor yoga, but aren’t sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place.

Whether you plan on practicing yoga outside by yourself, with a loved one, or with the whole family, the following resources will prepare you for an outdoor yoga experience that will leave you feeling more grounded and centered.

Gathering Your Gear

Doing yoga safely and effectively, especially outdoors, may require a small investment on your part. From finding the right mat for your preferred location to knowing how to keep biting bugs at bay, here’s how to prepare.

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Apps and Yoga Tech

Today’s technology can go anywhere you do. Although it might seem counterintuitive to use apps and tech while practicing your daily asanas, yoga apps and other innovations can help you take your home practice to the next level. Especially if you want the kids to join you, devices and downloads may help engage your little ones while ensuring everyone is staying safe with proper alignment.

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Taking Your Yoga Practice Outside

Belinda Carlisle said it best, “Heaven is a place on Earth.” And there’s no better way to experience this idea of earthly splendor than by doing yoga under the sun, by the sea, at a park, or in the mountains. Here are some ideas on how to transition from the studio to the big wide world.

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Yoga is a powerful tool to help your mental and physical health stay in check during the best and worst of times. If your daily practice is feeling redundant or you’ve noticed your mind wandering more lately, your current routine might need a change of scenery. Taking your yoga practice outdoors, whether during a wilderness camping trip, a beach vacation, or in your own backyard, could help you reconnect in ways you never imagined. So look at the map, grab your gear, and let your family know it’s time to enjoy the big wide world while enjoying the health benefits of yoga.

Photo: Pexels