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How to Use Yoga as a Coping Tool in Addiction Recovery

Photo: Pixabay It’s an admirable achievement to take the brave step of admitting you have a substance abuse problem and entering recovery. During this time, it’s important to find effective coping tools to use in your sobriety plan, which often includes group meetings, individual therapy, and even medication. Another helpful strategy for many recovering addicts […]

How to Use Yoga as a Coping Tool when You Live with PTSD

Photo: Pexels There are countless reasons yoga has had a drastic increase in worldwide popularity over the last couple of decades, but at the top of the list is undoubtedly its multiple physical and mental health benefits. Some of these include: Improved muscular strength and flexibility Better cardiovascular health Increased lung capacity Improved sleep quality […]

How Yoga Can Be a Helpful Tool in Quitting Smoking

Photo: Pixabay Quitting their dangerous habit is a goal for roughly 70 percent of American smokers — but only about 7 percent of those who tried to give up cigarettes and tobacco in the last year found long-term success. The challenge of quitting is both physical and psychological: nicotine is highly addictive, causing the body […]

17 Online Yoga Classes For Any Budget

Photo by Unsplash Yoga is a practice that has a slew of benefits, from improved strength to reduced stress. While many people think you need a costly studio membership to practice quality yoga, many renowned teachers have taken their classes online, creating and sustaining yoga communities with affordable livestream classes and recorded practices. You don’t […]

How to Start a Business as a Certified Yoga Instructor

Photo by Unsplash You’ve earned your yoga instructor certification. That means you’ve spent 200, 500 or more hours working on fine-tuning your craft. Now it’s time to turn your passion into a profession. First, it’s important you understand that yoga can be a tough business market to break into. There are studios on every street […]

The Ultimate Guide to Online Yoga Teacher Training

Photo by Unsplash In times like these, many schools, training programs and certification courses are moving online — and yoga teacher training programs are becoming more and more popular. Online training is often not only less expensive, but it is also more flexible. More and more yoga practitioners are looking for hope and healing during […]