Best DIY Solutions to Clean Your Yoga Space from Top to Bottom

While maintaining an active lifestyle is good for your overall health, keeping your at-home yoga studio clean is just as important. But before you stock up on cleaning supplies, keep in mind that toxic chemicals are extremely hazardous to the environment, and the fuel costs and packaging materials also have a heavy carbon footprint. Instead, you can maintain the same level of clean and convenience when you try these DIY cleaning solutions and tips for your workout space.

Cleaning Yoga Equipment

All-Purpose Cleaning Products

Window & Mirror Cleaners

Floor Cleaning

Laundering Yoga Clothes & Props

When you make the decision to try eco-friendly cleaning products for your yoga space, you might want to consider making only a few changes at a time. Give yourself a chance to try out different DIY recipes until you find the ones you truly love. What results did you see in your workout room when you tried some of the ones on our list?

Photo by Rawpixel