7 Great Ways to Make Your Morning Routine Easier

No matter your situation, mornings are a hassle. But add a family to the mix, and mornings can be total chaos. The good news is that there is a lot you can do to simplify your entire household’s morning routine. Here are seven tips to make your mornings run just a bit more smoothly:

1. Prep the night before. Your mom was onto something when she tried to get you to lay your clothes out the night before school. Not only will this keep your kids from grabbing each other’s clothes if they are close in age or size, but it will also help them avoid last minute wardrobe mistakes, like wearing mismatched sneakers.

2. Set and enforce bedtime. In addition to needing their sleep, kids thrive on routine, so having a regular bedtime is extremely beneficial. Bedtime for younger children should be no later than 8:30 PM, while budding teens should be snuggled in by 9:00 PM.

3. Get up before the kids. Start your morning with a little you time before you have to focus on the rest of your family. A quick cup of coffee in a quiet room can help you find your bearings so you’re more emotionally ready to handle whatever comes next, and starting your day on the right foot will set you up for a less stressful day overall.

4. Grab-and-go for breakfast. Preparing a healthy breakfast is likely one of your top priorities as a parent, but it takes time out of your morning. While your kids are picking their clothes and shoes for the next day, take care of your morning meal prep. A cup of granola with yogurt and sliced fruit is a hearty and nutritional breakfast that you can quickly put together the night before.

5. Create a morning chore chart. Just as you are likely more productive when you know what has to be done, your kids also need a predictable schedule of tasks. Their morning chores should consist of getting themselves ready as well as something that benefits the entire household, such as feeding the dog. In addition to lending structure to their day, this will also help instill a sense of responsibility.

6. Play music. If you want to get sleepy kids up and moving, play a few of their favorite tunes. You can even build a morning playlist as a family so everyone has music to look forward to. It will put you in a better mood and make your morning run more smoothly.

7. Avoid tech. Technology is a necessary part of our everyday lives, but it’s a distraction, especially for kids who would rather play on their tablet than get ready for school. Keep distractions to a minimum and enact a no-screens rule in the morning.

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When you establish a smooth morning routine, your entire family will start the day off on the right foot. Even when things don’t go according to plan, try to stay calm. Keeping a level head will help you set a positive tone for your own day as well as that of your partner and kids.